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Guaranteed rent requests in London are growing in demand from landlords looking to minimise the risks of being a conventional landlord!

Mayfair’s flagship Guaranteed Rental Income Scheme provides landlords with the highest possible fixed rent, combined with a Guaranteed Rent start date, and the rent is guaranteed for up to 5 years even while the property is vacant!

Why choose Mayfair’s Guaranteed Rental Income Scheme?

  • Up to the full market rent paid
  • Guaranteed rent from 1 to 5 years
  • Guaranteed rental start date.
  • Minimise landlords’ risks and responsibilities
  • No commissions or agency fees to pay whatsoever
  • Guaranteed Rent even while the property remains vacant


Is it an insurance policy?

Mayfair is in fact safer than any guaranteed rent insurance policy! Unlike insurance policies, our Mayfair product ensures that landlords receive their agreed rent, no matter what… for 365 days a year even when the property is vacant! Even when the property hasn’t been let!

Mayfair therefore eliminates the risks associated with being a landlord 365 days a year!

Are there any fees involved?

When you decide to lease your property to Mayfair, there are no letting fees to pay! There are no monthly management fees to pay! There are no hidden fees and there’s no vat to pay! Mayfair offers the best possible rental value and you receive that exact rent throughout the contractual term. It’s that simple.

When do I get paid?

Mayfair are landlords too, which means we understand the impact on cash flow when we have a vacant property. Waiting for a conventional letting agent to find a tenant, do a credit check, get reference, wait for them to serve a month’s notice etc… this depletes landlords’ cash flow and returns on that particular property and they still can’t guarantee when the rent and tenancy will commence until the tenants finally move in!

Mayfair ensures that you receive a guaranteed start date, which is 28 days from when you (the landlord) accept our offer.

What if my property is vacant?

Mayfair ensures that you receive a guaranteed start date, which is 28 days from when you (the landlord) accept our offer. Even if the property is vacant (if we haven’t found a suitable sub-tenant) Mayfair will commence the rental payments on or before the 28th day, no matter what!

What if the tenant does not pay?

Legal costs are also covered. In the event whereby the problem tenants residing in your property (as our sub tenants) fail to pay their rent and now need to be evicted, Mayfair continue to pay our agreed rent to you (the landlord). Where Mayfair have instructed lawyers to evict the problem tenants via the courts, we are responsible for covering all of the costs associated with the eviction.

Do you pay the market rent?

Mayfair do in fact pay close to the market rent, which turns out to be close to, or in some cases slightly more than, you would receive from a conventional lettings agent on their fully managed scheme. The difference and benefit of using Mayfair is that we completely take away all of the stresses associated with being a landlord whilst your rent is fixed and guaranteed for up to 5 years.

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